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US space agency NASA has found so many precious metals on the mysterious 16 Psyche asteroids that every person on earth can become a billionaire. According to NASA, the value of this immeasurable wealth is $ 10,000,000,000,000,000,000. NASA re-measured the surface of the asteroid Psyche and based on that, they made the latest estimate. Psyche is a 226 km wide rock that orbits the Sun in the asteroid belt. This asteroid belt is located between Mars and Jupiter. There are over a million space rocks floating in this area. NASA will send a spacecraft in 2026 to investigate this asteroid full of precious metals to find out how it originated.

Amazing images from the Chilean radio telescope

Some speculations say that this is the nucleus of a primitive planet. To aid the NASA mission, a team from Caltech University in California prepared a new temperature map of the asteroid Psyche so that things inside its surface can be detected. For this, the radio telescope of Chile was used. Thanks to this, the researchers obtained an image with a resolution of 50 pixels and gave more information about the psyche. The team of researchers succeeded in discovering that Psyche’s metallic surface is made up of at least 30 percent metal. Not only that, the rock on the surface of Psyche is also made of precious metals. The researchers hope this latest information will be of great help to NASA in its Psyche mission. The American space agency NASA is preparing a spaceship that will travel to the asteroid 16 Psyche. The tests of this machine have now reached the final phase.

Much more than the economy of the whole world

This spacecraft is set to launch in August next year from Cape Canaveral in Florida with the help of SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket. This craft will run on solar energy and will reach asteroid 16 Psyche in the main belt between Mars-Jupiter in 2026. According to Forbes magazine, the amount of metal in the psychic asteroid can be worth 10,000 quadrillion dollars (10,000 000,000,000,000,000,000 $), far more than the global economy. This spacecraft will map the asteroid for 21 months and study its characteristics. This asteroid, located approximately 370 million km from Earth, is approximately 226 km wide. Not only is it huge, but it is made of metals in such a way that it is considered the most precious asteroid ever discovered. It was first discovered in 1852. According to data from the Hubble Telescope, it is made of metal, while most asteroids have more rock or ice. It is believed to contain iron and nickel. On this basis, its price can be 10,000 quadrillion dollars.

NASA builds special vehicle and will search for treasure

As for the formation of the asteroid 16 Psyche, there is a theory that it could be the nucleus of an underdeveloped planet. With its help, astronomers can understand the process of formation of the Earth and other planets. At JPL, the spacecraft’s solar electric propulsion chassis is ready, about the size of a pickup truck. It will be 80% of the craft. Over the next year, the craft will be assembled and tested before being sent to Florida. This NASA mission is part of its Discovery Program. Under this program, low cost robotic space missions are being prepared. The craft includes a magnetometer to measure the asteroid’s magnetic field, a multispectral imager to image its surface, gamma rays to see what the surface is made of, and a spectrometer to analyze neutrons, and a transfer laser. high speed data. been installed for contact.

The economy of the whole world can be destroyed

The immeasurable price of the asteroid Psyche may raise the question of whether it should be brought back to earth, but if it does, the entire world economy can be destroyed. According to scientists, due to the arrival of asteroid material on earth, the price of precious metals will fall suddenly. The value of all the companies that mine and sell such items will start to drop and the whole market will be messed up. Even if a piece of this asteroid is brought back to earth, it will be difficult to handle. However, NASA does not have such a plan. Unlike other rocks, Psyche 16 is said to be primarily made up of iron and nickel. Just before this important NASA mission, Caltech University examined the asteroid. With this, the first temperature map of Psyche was prepared. This gave the latest information on the surface of Psyche.

Video-More wealth than the whole world on this asteroid!

More wealth than everyone else on this asteroid!

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