nasa titan mission: NASA will send a mission to the titan in search of life: NASA will send a mission in search of life to the moon of Saturn

Outside of Mars, if scientists see any hope for life in the solar system, then it is Saturn’s Titan moon. For this, some researchers are also working on a mission to achieve this so that any kind of evidence can be brought to the earth. For this, the US space agency NASA awarded a grant. Interestingly, for the return trip to Earth, there is a plan to take fuel from the methane lakes that flow into Titan. NASA recently awarded a $ 1.25 million grant from NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts to NASA’s Glenn Research Center.

Can get many answers

There is a liquid ocean on Titan that may have the opportunity to live. On its surface, there are also chemical compounds called Tholin in the atmosphere, which are not found on Earth. Efforts will be made to bring them to earth so that they can be researched in the laboratory. NASA believes these may be the basis of life in the solar system, and questions about the origin of life on Earth can be found as well. Landing a ship on Titan is also easier than on Mars or other objects.

Second largest moon

Nitrogen in Titan’s atmosphere is higher than that of Earth and 1.5 times the pressure. This automatically slows down the speed of the lander, similar to capsules returning to Earth. Titan is the second largest moon in our solar system. The largest moon is that of Jupiter named Ganymede. Titan has a liquid ocean and there is liquid methane in it. This information was provided by NASA’s Cassini mission sent to Saturn. Cassini has also seen dust storms here.

Is it on Titan?

Temperatures on the Titan’s surface can also rise to -179 ° C. For this reason, there have been many questions about this among scientists. Geoffrey Landis, senior scientist at Compass, says Titan’s thick nitrogen-rich atmosphere protects organic compounds. The seas of liquid natural gas are equal to the vast lakes of the earth and deep. Titan has oceans below the crust and oceans of water deep on the surface. The team must understand how to prepare liquid oxygen.

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