nasa viral image: The NASA viral image shows the magnetic field lines in the spiral galaxy: the magnetic field lines seen in the NASA photo

There are many types of galaxies in the universe and they are divided into different parts. One of them is the spiral galaxy, the size of which has always forced scientists to question themselves. According to the US space agency NASA, a study by the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA Telescope) found that the shape of spiral galaxies like our Milky Way galaxy is associated with magnetic field lines.

NASA shared the photo
Sharing an image, NASA said these lines are not visible to humans but are very powerful. Their presence is clearly visible using images taken by NASA’s powerful Hubble Space Telescope, the Nuclear Spectroscopic Array, and the Sloam Digital Sky Survey. In the photo shared by NASA, the magnetic field is visible on the galaxy M77 and its spiral arms.

This spiral seems to go around the arms. The magnetic field extends up to 24,000 light years across these giant arms. This indicates that the gravitational forces that shape the galaxy are also affecting the magnetic field and compressing it. Since sharing this photo on Instagram, 13 lakhs have loved it so far. Some have described it as a huge thumb print, while others have described it as an example of beauty.

The magnetic field saves the earth
The strength of the magnetic field can also be assessed from this role in saving the earth. The magnetic field creates a protective shield around the earth. Therefore, the storm of charged particles, i.e. plasma from the sun, does not affect the life of the earth. It collides with the magnetic field and we see it as colored light, i.e. Aurora or under the influence of a certain heat.

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