NASA viral moon photo: NASA shares colorful moon image on Instagram that goes viral: NASA shares colorful moon image on Instagram

The beauty of the moon and the glow of moonlight have been part of poetry, stories, poems and idioms, but a recent image will force a change in the poems read in its praise. Sometimes with redness, sometimes illuminated with milk and sometimes with pits, you will see so many colors of the moon visible from the dark, hardly anyone would have thought. Maybe that’s why when US space agency NASA shared a colorful photo of the moon on Instagram, people screamed in amazement.

composed of 53 photos
NASA’s Galileo spacecraft en route to Jupiter took a false-color mosaic image of the moon, created from a series of 53 photos. This photo was taken on December 7, 1992 while zooming in on the northern region of the Moon. In this, different features of the northern hemisphere of the moon have been shown.

each color says something
The pink portions are highlands, one of which is visible at the bottom of the image encircling the Crisium Impact Basin. The blue to orange sections show lava flows from ancient volcanoes. To the left of Crisium is the dark blue Mare Tranquillitatis where Apollo 11 landed. Titanium is found here in large quantities, which is less present in the gray and orange parts.

In light blue there are traces of meteorites and asteroids that collided in recent history, which brought minerals into the ground. Blue stripes come out of the craters that formed a short time ago.

This mission made many discoveries
The Galileo probe, named after the great Italian astronomer, orbited Jupiter between 1995 and 2003. It was Galileo who discovered the four largest moons of Jupiter. With the help of his camera and 9 other instruments, scientists have made many discoveries. These include the possibility of an ocean on the moon Europa. The Juno mission, sent after Galileo, tries to find answers to questions related to the origin of the solar system.

colorful moon

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