NASA Zodiacal Light: Zodiacal Light: The mysterious light coming from Earth to Earth before sunrise, NASA told the truth! – NASA Juno probe reveals Mars is responsible for Earth’s mysterious zodiacal light

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Just before sunrise, new information about the light appearing above the earth was revealed by Ienasa, that the zodiacal light could be the result of a dust particle coming from Mars.
Just before sunrise, the US space agency NASA gave excellent information about the mysterious and brilliant light visible above the earth. NASA said the zodiacal light could be the result of a dust particle coming from Mars. NASA gave this information based on the study of its Juno probe. Zodiacal light is a pillar of light emanating from the horizon.

The reflection of the light falling on the dust particles orbiting the sun towards the Earth creates a pair of luminous zodiacal pillars which are very beautiful. NASA’s Juno probe was launched in 2011 and while traveling on the planet Jupiter, it found dust particles near Mars that hit it very quickly.

NASA’s Juno probe gives new insight into the secret

Mars is one of the dustiest planets
This collision with Juno gave NASA amazing information about the development of dust and its orbit. With this, the secret of the arrival of Zodiacal Light has also been revealed. Scientists at Juno claim that Mars is responsible for this debris because these dust particles move around the sun at a particular point in space in an orbit similar to that of Mars’ orbit.

Mars is one of the dustiest planets in the solar system. However, NASA scientists are not yet able to say how much dust has escaped from gravity on Mars. He said it happens when a dust storm blows over Mars and engulfs the entire planet. NASA said that because of these dust particles, a lighthouse appears on the horizon just before sunrise or just after sunset. Previously, this dusty solar system was believed to be due to an asteroid or comet biting inside.

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