NASA’s Antarctic Subglacial Lake: NASA’s Antarctic Lake Discovery From Aquatic Network: Lake Found Under Antarctic Ice Crust In Water Network

NASA scientists have discovered two new lakes under the ice sheet in Antarctica. These lakes are part of a network of 1.2 to 2.5 miles under the ice. It is said that these lakes are continually filling and emptying. Because of this, the movement of layers is also affected as well as the way water enters the Southern Ocean. It is an important circulation process in the oceans of the world.

water under a layer of ice
According to Professor Matthew Seyfried, a geophysicist at the Colorado School of Mines and author of the study, it is not just the ice sheet here, but the water system that is connected to the Earth system. This under-ice system was first discovered in 2003 by NASA’s ICESat mission. Analysis of the data revealed that increasing ice in West Antarctica reveals the body of water under the ice cover.

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water network
Previously, it was believed that these lakes flow separately and are not connected to each other. Later in 2007, researchers found that changes in the height of the ice on the Antarctic surface mirror the waters of the lakes below. They empty and then fill up several times before flowing into the Southern Ocean. After the ICESat mission, ICESat-2 provides a better understanding of this network.

the ice melts
Earlier in the second study, scientists warned that each year, 53,000 kmĀ² of ice melts from the earth. Because of this, humans could face serious consequences in the times to come. He said that between 1979 and 2016, so much ice melted that it can fill the immense Lake Superior.

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Ice melts in Antarctica

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