National court grants Bárcenas his first 12-day prison release permit


Publication: Wednesday March 17, 2021 4:35 PM

The Penitentiary Supervision Court of the High National Court has decided to grant a release from prison for 12 days to the former treasurer of the Popular Party, Luis Bárcenas. A permit which, in the best case, you will be able to benefit from from April. On the other hand, he refuses progression to the third year and the application of article 100.2.

In the judge’s order, it is noted that the discharge was proposed unanimously by the Treatment Board. It is also taken into account that Bárcenas has already spent a period of three years and four months in provisional release without any incident or attempted escape. It thus appears that “the assumption of responsibility” by Bárcenas would be “incompatible with the idea of ​​his rupture”, in addition to his family situation, with an external support, in particular on behalf of his son, who, the judge understands, would negate this possibility in a consistent person.

In another ordinance, the Prison Supervision Court ratifies the decision of the Treatment Commission to maintain the ex-treasurer of the PP in the second degree and to refuse him the third degree, while rejecting the application of article 1002. She explains that a favorable development beyond the penal and the penitentiary circumstances of normal coexistence making it possible to affirm that the convicted person is, at the present time, capable of leading a regime of life in semi-liberty “.

“It is therefore time to consolidate the existing positive factors, and an assessment must be made of the general behavior of the prisoner with particular emphasis on his attitude and behavior during the enjoyment of the leave now initiated, promoting the path of treatment with particular impact on existing variables factors of maladjustment ”, concludes the said text.

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