National Guards sleeping on the ground: Insulting soldiers who protect Biden, sleeping on the ground in extreme cold – US National Guards are forced to sleep outside and in a parking lot Viral images

Strong points:

The soldiers under the protection of the American president had to face disgrace. 5,000 soldiers engaged in the security of the Capitol building had to sleep on the floor. Not only was there electricity in one place in the garage, and there was no Internet in Washington.
Soldiers deployed under the protection of the US president, the world’s oldest democracy, suffered such humiliation they never even imagined. The 5,000 soldiers guarding the Capitol building had to sleep on the floor in a covered parking lot and only one bathroom was available for them. Not only that, there was only electricity in one place and no internet. Photos of these soldiers have now gone viral.

On Thursday, these soldiers remained in the garage in the middle of the field in fierce cold. He was given a hotel room but was unable to make it to the hotel during which he had a rest break. When these images went viral, the soldiers were allowed to return to the Capitol. Not only that, the police apologized to these soldiers. In contrast, the poor soldiers felt betrayed after protecting themselves by putting their lives on the line.

‘We feel so cheated’
One soldier said: “Yesterday dozens of senators and congressmen came to see us. They photographed and shook hands. Also thanked us for our services. After 24 hours, they no longer needed us. We were pushed into a parking lot. We feel so cheated. Another soldier said: “When all went well, we were deemed unnecessary and thrown into a corner of the parking lot.”

Another US soldier said of the Corona threat: “We stayed close to each other all day and every day. We have been released. Politics in America got hot after photos of soldiers went viral. Leaders of both parties began to wonder why these soldiers had been asked to leave the Capitol building. Some leaders have opened their offices to soldiers.

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