National Heritage pays the salaries of assistants to King Juan Carlos in the United Arab Emirates

Updated: Thursday, January 14, 2021 3:08 PM

Posted: 14.01.2021 13:37

The state would pay the salaries and travel of the assistants of the King Emeritus moved to the United Arab Emirates to assist him in Abu Dhabi, as revealed by “ ”, which claims that National Heritage is bearing this cost.

According to the aforementioned newspaper, Juan Carlos I has three camera assistants in the Arab country, where he moved last summer amid a succession of scandals over his overseas assets and tax irregularities.

These employees correspond to the freely designated staff hired by the aforementioned public body, under the supervision of the Ministry of the Presidency, which pays their salaries but also their travel and living expenses in the Emirates, since they rotate every month.

The cost of the only movement of these employees (not counting their payroll, their accommodation or their allowances) would be around 4,000 euros, according to, which cites the invoices of Viajes El Corte Ingl├ęs to which it had access.

These correspond to return tickets Madrid-Abu Dhabi on behalf of three members of the entourage of the monarch, who in turn have security personnel in Abu Dhabi, also paid with public money.

Zarzuela sources quoted by said media affirm that these workers are temporary employees, dependent on Patrimonio and assigned to the service of the royal family and that nothing is done outside of legal standards.

The government denies that the king lives on public funds

This issue has raised new criticism from United We Can, whose head in Madrid, Isa Serra, has asserted that “citizens cannot pay the expenses of Juan Carlos I, less when it comes to the expenses for the flight, in order to not to be accountable in court “.

However, the government insists that the stay of the King Emeritus in Abu Dhabi, where he has been for more than five months, is not paid for with public money. In this sense, Vice-President Carmen Calvo assured this Wednesday that “King Juan Carlos no longer has public activity and no longer lives with public resources”.

This manifested itself in an interview with Canal 24 heures, in which he also pointed out that the removal of the inviolability of the king’s figure is a matter that “can be perfectly dealt with”.

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