Nationale-Nederlanden joins the Baby-Friendly Business program

Nationale-Nederlanden has joined the Baby-Friendly Business program with the aim of promoting family reconciliation.

This is an initiative that aims to recognize companies committed to the well-being of their employees, which offer the necessary conditions so that people who want to be mothers or fathers can do so without giving up their professional career. Harmony between personal life and work should be an active reality in the lives of employees, thus, these types of actions aim to generate additional value within the teams themselves.

Nationale-Nederlanden is aware of its commitment to the society in which it operates. In accordance with its purpose “to help take care of what matters most”, this type of action is a duty, a duty understood from the motivation to do things better. Taking care of the people who make up the Company is necessary to achieve high productivity that is in line with the Company’s promoted values ​​of co-responsibility, care for employees and gender equality.

As part of the Baby Friendly plan, Nationale-Nederlanden undertakes to offer optimal conditions to all employees who celebrate a new paternity / maternity. This ranges from flexibility for employees with children, to supporting workers in their professional career, depending on the type of leave they choose, to tools so that parents can perform their duties as effectively as possible and in this dual aspect of reconciliation and work balance.

For Nationale-Nederlanden, all the measures that can be taken in favor of equal opportunities are a fundamental factor in the enhancement of effort and talent, regardless of gender or condition. Show the example, the Company recently launched the internal campaign “One year between layers” to promote the benefit of full paternity leave so that the 16 weeks are fully taken. An action that is in line with the principle of firmly defending gender equality as an essential value of the corporate philosophy.

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