Nationale-Nederlanden renews its collaboration with REDI to promote the professional integration of the LGBTI + collective

Nationale-Nederlanden renews its collaboration with REDI to promote the professional integration of the LGBTI + collective

Nationale-Nederlanden announces the renewal of its participation on the board of REDI, the first company network for the diversity and inclusion of the LGBTI + community in the workplace, of which it is a founding company and with which it has been collaborating since its creation in 2018.

This renewal represents the confirmation of a responsibility acquired by the insurance company from REDI and reinforces the brand promise of Nationale-Nederlanden “T Importas”, which extends to all people who work and collaborate with the organization. . Likewise, it assumes a consolidation of the inclusive culture of the company, which defends equal opportunities and encourages talents in order to obtain the best version of teams regardless of race, age, ability, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity or religion. .

“At Nationale-Nederlanden, we see differences as strengths. We believe that each person brings a unique perspective, and that the combination of backgrounds and experiences is the key to our success. And is that diversity does not tolerate differences, but actively seeks them.

Nationale-Nederlanden is committed to diversity as a driver of innovation and transformation, to better understand customers and the professional team, helping everyone to take care of what they want most and to add value. value to society as a whole.

REDI, for its part, is a network made up of a series of professionals and companies from different sectors that promote an inclusive and respectful environment in which talent is valued regardless of identity, gender expression or orientation of the workforce. The network has become a benchmark forum for diversity and inclusion of LGBTI employees and their allies in Spain.

A continuous commitment to diversity

In the diversity policies of the Nationale-Nederlanden, the commitment to the rights and inclusion of the LGBTI + community to guarantee equal treatment to all people, regardless of their orientation and gender identity, has had a great weight for years.

In addition to being a founding partner of REDI and being part of its Executive Governance Committee, the Company sponsored with the network the study “LGTBI diversity in the context of work in Spain”, which allowed a contrasting vision of collective work situation; and the team participates in the LGBTI pride demonstration in Madrid every year. Nationale-Nederlanden is also one of the signatory companies of the United Nations Principles of Business Conduct against LGBTI Discrimination since April 2020.

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