Nationale-Nederlanden strengthens its global volunteering week: is your community important?

Nationale-Nederlanden strengthens its global volunteering week: is your community important?

Nationale-Nederlanden, a company of the NN group that offers short, medium and long-term protection, savings and investment solutions to around 850,000 clients in Spain, has launched what will be its first week of volunteering under the name “Your community matters”. With this initiative, the Company intends to convey to its employees the need to be active and committed to the society around them.

One of the key pillars of the Nationale-Nederlanden strategy is corporate social responsibility and sustainable development, in which the protection of people, society and the planet as a whole plays a fundamental role. To do this, this initiative aims to increase and give continuity to all the volunteering actions that are already carried out each year, by adding a specially dedicated full week.

From June 21 to 25, the “Your Community Counts” World Volunteering Week will take place, with which employees can get involved and support the causes that motivate them the most. Its activation at the international level will allow all employees of the NN Group, of which Nationale-Nederlanden Spain is a part, to have the opportunity to join and collaborate with their local environments.

During this week, every employee will have the opportunity to bring out their most favorable side. The company has programmed activities with social organizations such as the Red Cross, SOS Children’s Villages or the Food Bank of the Community of Madrid. In the same way, they will be able to participate in a virtual way in the National-Nederlanden Plogging Tour, an activity which takes place throughout the national geography and which consists of collecting litter and taking care of the environment while playing sports.

The activities will be diverse and varied. Company workers can participate in the renovation of the facilities of the SOS Children’s Villages Day Center in Collado Villalba or participate in a virtual solidarity race aimed at raising funds for the same organization, collaborating in the classification of the Food Bank of Madrid, to cooperate with the environment in the Barranca Valley with the NGO Reforesta or to participate and develop online training for the unemployed with the Red Cross.

With these actions, Nationale-Nederlanden seeks to have a positive local impact in the communities in which it operates and to leave a mark through the collaboration of the people who are part of the organization.

In addition to the volunteering activities that are part of this week, throughout the year, and in accordance with the Company’s strategic commitments, all employees have 8 hours per year, as part of their working hours, to devote to professional volunteering. In this way, the company fosters engagement and helps promote the purpose of its brand: to help take care of what matters most.

Through corporate volunteering, she also seeks to contribute to the United Nations SDGs and to involve employees in Nationale-Nederlanden’s commitment to the 2030 Agenda.

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