Native Microsoft Lists app is now available for iPad

We love Microsoft lists, this evolution of SharePoint lists came as a surprise during Ignite 2020 and has grown steadily since. It started to be available to some business users and then expanded its reach.

Then it came to Microsoft Teams to integrate with the famous team application of the giant of Redmond. Now, having hit the iPhone, it’s all about the iPad.

Microsoft lists are now available for iPad

On the iPhone, the operation is as you would expect and it now works in offline mode. In the iPad, the operation is similar, it is optimized for the Apple device. It allows us to search for items, see full lists, and access our favorite and recent lists.

In addition, Microsoft lists work very well in portrait and landscape mode. The content is tailored to the position we use to get the most out of our listings.

Finally, Microsoft has enabled support for conditional access. This relates to the protection of Intune and gives us the best protection against sensitive content. It remains only to the application to reach Android to close the circle and for Microsoft lists to be available on the main operating systems in the market.

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