nature of gravitational particles: Graviton: a discovery that could challenge Einstein’s theory – scientists predict that if graviton is proven, it could challenge Einstein’s general theory of relativity

Direct observation of gravitational waves for the first time, which was announced by the laser interferometer gravitational wave observatory. The gravitational wave has not yet been observed directly. They were only observed in the binary star system through the effect on the synchronization of the pulsar.

Discussing the possibilities ahead, American theoretical physicist Dr James Gates told famous astrophysicist Neil Digras Tyson in his “ Startalk ” podcast that appearing in the frame of gravity would become an important theory of Albert Einstein. In 1905, Einstein wrote a photo (Photoelectric Effect) which indicated the need to find the nature of the energy of the particle.

I still only know the nature of the waves
Gates said that the gravity wave was observed, now the quantification of the energy emanating from it is also to be seen. When possible, there will be gravitons in the universe which until now have been considered science fiction. Theoretical physics consists of hypothetical (imaginary) quantum or elementary particles of gravitational gravity which forces gravity.

Will the theory change?
Scientists say this is only possible in 50 to 100 years. With that, Dr. Tyson wondered if that would challenge general relativity. Indeed, it is believed that the space-time curvature produces gravitational effects. If the nature of the particles of gravity is proven, then this will not be possible.

The black hole can only be understood because of the gravitational effect and it is also an important part of the big bang. In such a situation, if the existence of the graviton is proven, then the definition of gravity will be questioned.

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