“Navarra is already applying them”

Publication: Wednesday April 14, 2021 9:09 PM

Coronavirus infections are increasing in Spain and the cumulative incidence exceeds 200 cases, but this increase “is uneven across the country”, which is why the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, urged the autonomous communities with the worst data to implement more stringent restrictions. In particular, Darias spoke of Madrid: “What this minister is asking all the autonomous communities, in particular in Madrid, is to implement the” red light “measures, since Navarra has already applied them”.

This is how she responded at the press conference after the Interterritorial Health Council, during which she was questioned by bad data from Navarre, the region with the worst cumulative incidence (IA). “Navarre has 433 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, but it has significant restriction measures that it is implementing. It is followed by Madrid, with 347 AI and with a total number of cases that exceeds any CCAA for its population, obviously, ”Darias said.

“When this minister sees the high data of any Autonomous Community, in this case for Madrid, she sees that the adoption of these measures is important.” Noting the differences between the management of shooting cases in Navarre and Madrid, which are already at extreme risk, the minister insisted, calling for the application of restrictions and measures included in the action document approved jointly between the Health and the Autonomous Communities. “I ask the communities that are at levels 3 and 4 to implement the measures that are there,” he said.

And it is that for Darias, the control of contagions could “avoid entering a fourth wave”, and ensure that the rise continues to be slow in order “to be able to lower the curve as soon as possible”. The goal, he recalled, is to have an AI of less than 50 cases.

The accomplishment of the measures in Barajas stands out

The minister also spoke on the Madrid airport of Barjas, a space which has defended that it respects the measures: “Not because the mantra is repeated, it is true. Barajas has been internationally recognized for being comply with the measures, “he said. .

Likewise, he clarified that Spain is taking measures to guarantee the security of our country vis-à-vis people arriving from abroad. “The restrictions continue to be maintained. We have a quarantine order for different countries, and requirements for PCR and antigen testing …” he said.

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