Navarra prohibits meetings between people who do not live together

Updated: Monday, October 26, 2020 6:51 PM

Published on: 10/26/2020 6:46 PM

The government of Navarre has limited private meetings to the coexistence unit, a measure that will be in effect, in principle, until November 4, with exceptions for people living alone and dependents, minors and children. couples living at different addresses.

The announcement was made at a press conference by the vice president of the provincial government, Javier Remírez, who appeared accompanied by the minister of health, Santos Indurain, after a weekend in which Navarra reached a record in numbers for positive counting Saturday 698. The total of positives for Sunday was 500 and the positivity rate was 15.8%.

In addition, Navarra maintains between 11:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. the curfew that was established in the state of alert decree before the pandemic evolved and limits meetings in private spaces to people who usually live together. .

After recalling the measures taken beforehand such as the confinement of the perimeter of Navarre, the closure of hotels and restaurants or the limitation to 6 people meeting in public spaces and the recommendation not to exceed the figure in private spaces, the advisor ensured the health motivation underlying them and the need to apply them “immediately”.

“There is no single solution but a sum of actions in the face of a very large number of infections”, declared the adviser, for whom it is necessary to lower the figures of “yes or yes”, because the some 500 daily infections in recent days “they reflect a trend that is not good” and so these new measures while keeping the “bet clear” for testing and tracing.

According to Induráin, the Navarre health system “already suffers from the high levels of infections” which have occurred in the previous weeks, with 401 people currently hospitalized, including 50 in ICU, figures which “speak for themselves”.

And in this regard, he stressed that “the high volume of daily income begins not to be compensated” by discharges, also in part due to the severity of the patients and the longer period of hospitalization, at which he added the 25 deaths from covid in Navarre last week.

For this reason, he said, “the main thing is to control the growth of infections” and for that “we must also take measures in the health system itself” by adapting its emergency plans and exploring as many options as possible out there and the staff available.

However, he acknowledged that it is “difficult not to have to deprogram some elective surgical activities” to meet the needs of the covid, and he is also preparing for the opening of new spaces and hospitalization at home has been strengthened, which 70 patients.

In addition, formulas are being developed to open health centers in a sectoral manner from this weekend and thus facilitate access to the population and follow-up of cases. “It is about putting the common interest first, intergenerational solidarity to protect the most vulnerable, involvement and collaboration” to promote the effectiveness of the measures put in place and avoid having to take any others, he said.

Finally, he pointed out that the bad data produced by Navarra is influenced by factors such as “high initial incidence”, weather or social interrelationships, and “probably time will tell others that we do not know for. the moment”.

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