Navarre Superior Court of Justice rejects curfew

Publication: Tuesday, May 11, 2021 1:28 PM

New “no” of justice to the application of a curfew without a state of alarm. The Superior Court of Justice of Navarre rejects the curfew decreed by the autonomous government to prevent bottles because it is considered disproportionate. It is thus aligned with the decisions of the Basque and Canary Islands courts, which had also annulled this measure. So far, only the Canary Islands have decided to appeal to the Supreme Court.

In Navarre, the Litigation-Administrative Chamber recognizes the competence of the Regional Community to limit mobility, but considers that the control of the bottle can be carried out with ordinary legislation.

The Court also does not ratify the closing times for hotel and restaurant terraces, set by provincial decree at 10 p.m., because it is a measure linked to the curfew.

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