Neanderthals extinction: Study reveals how Neanderthals became extinct due to magnetic field collapse and pole reversal: study found Earth’s magnetic field was gone

How did the early Neanderthals become extinct from the earth? The answer to this question seems to be found. In a recent study conducted by a team of international scientists, it was claimed that this was due to the collapse of the Earth’s magnetic field and the pole reversal. This incident (Laschamp Excursion) took place 42 thousand years ago and such conditions remained there for about a thousand years. At the same time, scientists believe that this phenomenon occurs at a difference of 2-3 lakh years, and the Earth’s magnetic field weakens, the time of the pole rotation may approach.

Why is the Earth’s magnetic field important?

Earth’s magnetic field makes life possible for humans and other organisms. It protects the ozone layer from solar wind, cosmic ridges and harmful radiation from the sun. This zone is highest at the poles but sometimes it is also reversed. Not only that, a lot of damage can be caused by a weakened magnetic field long before its end. For this reason, there may be problems with the operation of the equipment. In particular, satellites and other mobile devices in space may stop functioning. A study published in the journal “Science” indicates that the weakening of the magnetic field caused a rapid change in climate. Scientists believe that the appearance of Lascamp has not been studied more specifically.

Dramatic climate change

The study indicates that the change of poles must have had dramatic consequences and that climatic conditions have become severe. Because of this, the mammals disappeared. Professor Chris Turney said: ‘We are seeing a sharp increase in the ice cover over North America during this time, the tropical rain belts in the western Pacific appear to be changing rapidly and the wind belt in the the Southern Ocean and the drying up of Australia. Looks like. Photo credit: Kennis and Kennis / MSF / SPL

Began to live in caves

Scientists say these changes caused Neanderthals to hide in caves to avoid inclement weather. Due to these circumstances, the rivalry between our ancestors must have started and eventually they died out. The researchers used radiocarbon analysis for their study. An increase in carbon 14 has been observed in the atmosphere which is caused by cosmic radiation. By studying materials found around the world, scientists found that as the amount of carbon-14 increases, the environment undergoes major changes.

So is the earth towards destruction?

Scientists say that the Earth’s poles change every 2 to 3 million years. Some scientists have reported that the Earth’s magnetic field is weakening. It is therefore likely that the moment for the poles to turn is approaching. However, many scientists also deny this fear. According to Alan Cooper of the South Australian Museum, the poles don’t have to turn again, but if it does, it will be disastrous.

Video – How does this change the Earth’s magnetic field? NASA too surprised

How does this change the Earth’s magnetic field? NASA too surprised

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