Nearly 150,000 people are looking for a permanent job at La Poste

Around 150,000 people – more precisely 149,675 – have registered to participate in the selection process that Correos is developing to cover 3,381 permanent positions in operational categories throughout Spain.

The high number of applications received reflects the recognition of the Correos brand as a quality employer and its appreciation as an attractive company to work for, which offers opportunities to find stable employment and develop a solid professional career.

This process involves the provision of 3,381 permanent manpower positions to perform dispatch distribution, logistics and customer service functions in the offices. This is a joint call that includes the posts corresponding to the replacement rates approved for the year 2019 (1,381 posts), as well as 2,000 posts envisaged in the 2018-2020 interim stabilization plan signed with the organizations. CCOO, UGT, CSIF and Sindicato Libre trade unions. More specifically, 2,356 for delivery tasks, 505 for the classification agent and 520 for customer service in offices.

Reflecting the national presence and the capillarity of the Post, the 3,381 positions are distributed in all the provinces. Catalonia, with 840 posts, is the autonomous community with the highest number of posts, followed by Madrid, with 590, and Comunitat Valenciana, with 473 posts offered.

With this call, Correos is strengthening its commitment to stable employment and the professional development of its employees. Likewise, a stable framework for social relations is guaranteed and talent is promoted as an accelerator of the change that takes place in the company in the face of new challenges and the demands of its customers.

All information relating to this process can be found on the Correos website:

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