nearly 40% of Spaniards suffer from anxiety about joining their job in person

Face-to-face: almost 40% of Spaniards suffer from anxiety about joining work in person

With 75% of the Spanish population having at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine, the return to office presence in September is widely needed.

However, with the Delta variant still putting the healthcare system on the ropes, Spanish workers are experiencing this shift in uncertainty and, in many cases, even with anxiety.

This is what emerges from a survey of more than a thousand people during the month of August by ekilu, the benchmark application for well-being, and which reveals that two in five people feel the anxiety about having to join their work in person. . In addition, more than half (54%) of those polled said their anxiety about joining their jobs after the summer is greater than before the pandemic. And don’t forget that this is the second leading cause of sick leave. In fact, they represent 30% of the total *.

The fear of the loss of conciliation and of a bad diet, exceeds even that of being infected

Concerning the most worrying aspects concerning the “plans to return to the practice” are the worsening of the reconciliation between family and professional life (46%), the return to unhealthy eating habits (46%), possible infections which can occur in the office (36%), that colleagues maintain a safe distance (35%), travel by public transport to the workplace (35%) and the use of a mask inside the offices (32%).

However, some options are posed by respondents to reduce those levels of stress and uncertainty that generate them to re-register in person under the current circumstances, namely that almost 8 out of 10 their business is enforcing the return model and they don’t. can not choose. Almost half (48%) say it would help them have flexibility in attendance, followed by requiring employees to have the full schedule in the vaccine (26%) and have greater clarity of the company’s measures to ensure their safety (21%).

Telecommuting: appreciated and productive

If something good has left the pandemic for many, it is telecommuting, total or hybrid. This flexibility allowed them better personal organization and less time wasted traveling. Thus, 50% say they like working at home a lot and 18% as much as in the office. As for productivity, 28% stress that it is more at home and 35% the same as in the office.

“Although the comeback plans are already starting in a massive way, more and more companies are betting on the integration of telework models forever, whether they are total or hybrid. And it is that, without a doubt, workers have allowed them to have a better work life balance without affecting their productivity, in addition to having more time to take care of themselves and to have a better diet. life is deteriorating, even beyond the risks of the pandemic “, reveals Carlos Melara, CEO and founder of Ekilu.

Coping with the anxiety of returning to the office

“It’s always difficult to cope with situations of uncertainty, and it’s the lack of control that generates anxiety. Small everyday actions such as eating well, taking a few minutes to take a few conscious, deep breaths or go for a walk Instead of taking public transport, they can make a difference and lead people to face stressful situations from a different perspective. . There are a lot of things that are beyond our control, what is up to us is to take care of our own well-being, ”Melara points out.

Ekilu provides all users with proven tools to easily organize their food and enjoy the process. It has its famous search engine for recipes by ingredients to help you eat healthily with what you have on hand, by simply increasing the consumption of vegetables, legumes and fruits in the diet and reducing the consumption. consumption of red meat. It also has the possibility of creating “Balanced Men” in a personalized way, with their respective automatic shopping list, being the first personalized menu developed with artificial intelligence in Spain. It works according to the specific needs and preferences of each user, helping people eat healthy foods, simplifying their lives, and saving time and money.

In his overall wellness proposal, he recently included a tool called Balance Tracker that helps people achieve balance in a holistic way to find their own way to be well without guilt or regret. With this tool, you can track the daily and weekly balance of diet, physical activity (steps), mindfulness, and conscious breathing.

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