Nebrija University launches its continuing education offer in thirteen areas

Expert courses and exclusive programs constitute the continuing education offer of Nebrija University. 60 proposals, integrated in 13 areas, ranging from women engineers and directors, the 2030 Agenda or the planning and management of smart tourist destinations to games, gamification and ICT as a learning tool, the ELE didactic methodology or the evaluation of works of art and antiques, without forgetting the 21 health seminars with practices and the latest technologies thanks to the recent launch of the Faculty of Life and Nature Sciences.

“Continuing education, which is aimed at people who have already started their professional career, at the University of Nebrija, we conceive it in the light of one of the main objectives of our institution: to train people to develop a career. professional and complete personal activity at the same time throughout life ”, emphasizes Juan Antonio Escarabajal, director of university development at the University of Nebrija.

By adapting to new formats, face-to-face, virtual or hybrid, the methodology is a key element of the learning system. Global Campus Nebrija, the virtual education division of the University, with the technological contribution of Telefnica, has reaped the fruits of years of research with several mentions and awards such as the recent Blackboard Catalyst Awards in the Leading change category which recognizes the educational model of hybrid presence.

According to Escarabajal, the continuing education programs of Nebrija respond to one of these three “main” motivations: professional orientation or to qualify for the exercise of a regulated profession “.

“Practical and avant-garde”

The challenges of Higher Education require a response to be provided to professionals with little time and who do not wish to get involved in formal structures. On the other hand, according to Ana lvarez Castro, director of innovation and products, the rise of smart phones and the need for quick solutions have led Nebrija University to provide continuous courses, “self-help programs”. learning about specific subjects ”, for a long time. practical and cutting edge that provide sufficiently broad knowledge ‘, enrollment programs open to train at any time of the year with a three month period to complete

Specialization and the professions of the future are two constants that Nebrija’s continuing education has taken into account “in the immersion in specific areas of an innovative and strategic nature that generate learning experiences in which participants explore global best practices. , deepen their subject matter, they develop their skills and come back ready to extend their contribution to the success of their organization ”.

Álvarez Castro believes transformation is the new normal. “The ability to adapt and excel in a disruptive and changing environment has become an imperative for businesses and organizations, which must be more competitive. For this, they need agile professionals, able to cope with change, to manage and navigate unpredictable situations, with critical and innovative thinking ”.

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