Neil Harbisson, the first human cyborg, discovers why machines don’t take away our work


He explains how AI, robots … can help us on a personal and professional level on a daily basis.

Neil Harbisson, the first human cyborg, discovers why machines don’t take away our work

The benchmark event in the HR and business sector returns with its best panel of speakers in history and topics of maximum relevance today. Speakers such as Neil Harbisson, Bisila Bokoko, Juan Verde, Pilar Llcer, Pau Garca Mil or Raquel Roca will talk to us about technology and innovation, humanization, talent, diversity and equality, sustainability, good -being, new ways of working and communicating. .your ticket for September 23!

BY RRHHDigital, 00:20 – 12 July 2021

On September 23, the RH Innovation Summit is back! The benchmark event for the HR sector at national and international level is back stronger than ever and with the best panel of speakers in its history to help professionals in the sector, leaders in the management of people and companies, meet all the challenges. challenges posed by the second half of 2021. In total, more than 50 speakers of recognized national and international prestige.

New technologies and the ability and need to innovate have become major trends in the people management industry. Tools such as Artificial Intelligence, robotics, automation or Big Data have already been integrated into HR as key elements of human resources management. For this reason, the HR Innovation Summit couldn’t miss the treatment of all these technologies now that we are on the top of the digital transformation.

And to address this interesting topic in this new edition of the HR Innovation Summit 2021, we will have a speaker who will take innovation and technology to the highest level. In fact, he literally integrated it into his own being. Yes, neither more nor less than Neil Harbisson, the first human cyborg in history.

Find out more about Neil Harbisson and his participation in the HR Innovation Summit 2021

Neil Harbisson is the first person in the world to be recognized as a cyborg and the first person to have an antenna implanted in their head. He is considered the first cyborg artist in history to express himself artistically from a new meaning created thanks to the permanent connection between his brain and cybernetics, which allows him, ensures, to receive images, videos , music or phone calls directly into his head from external devices such as mobiles or satellites.

In addition, he is a co-founder of the Cyborg Foundation, an international organization dedicated to helping humans become cborgs, promote cbord art, and defend their rights.

Innovations | # Tech4ALL: Technology and innovation, at the heart of the HR Innovation Summit 2021

Harbisson will be present in the first block of the HR Innovation Summit: Innovation | # Tech4ALL, a space dedicated to new technologies as a tool to take care of the people who make up our teams, how, from HR, we can make life easier for workers through innovation and keep them aligned with the goal of our company. And this is because beyond strange virtual tools, robots or machines that are still difficult to understand for many people, we will talk about aspects that affect the daily workforce in companies: the importance of resilience in this post-pandemic era or health, at all levels (physical, mental, financial …).

Neil Harbisson, the first human cyborg, will be there to show us how technology has come to make our lives easier, not replace us. Together, we will discover how machines can help us improve the well-being and engagement of our teams.

The HR Innovation Summit, more exclusive than ever

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and in compliance with current health measures and protocols, participation in the event this year will be limited to a maximum capacity of 300 participants in person, which makes this fourth edition of the HR Innovation Summit a very exclusive congress. Additionally, the day will be streamed worldwide so that no one anywhere in the world misses a single detail of the most anticipated and disruptive event in business and HR.

A congress that counts, for another year, with EY as main sponsor, and the institutional support of the Spanish Association of Human Resources Directors. In addition, Aon, Cabify, Cigna, Hastee, Personio and The Adecco Group participate as Gold Sponsors, and Nationale-Nederlanden and Sodex act only as Silver Sponsors. BMW Madrides is the official vehicle of an event which also benefits from the collaboration of companies such as Vertis, Selecta, Frutality or Barn de Salamanca. , among others, Coonices, the event agency and Events, the official technology provider.

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