“Neither the virus nor the crisis will break us”

Posted: Thursday December 24 2020 21:14

King Felipe VI made special mention in his Christmas speech on the coronavirus pandemic which is ravaging the world and which has already claimed nearly 50,000 lives in our country since cases began to occur in January 2020.

The monarch, dressed in a charcoal gray suit, white shirt and blue tie, loaded his speech with references to the pandemic, and even included in his staging the state’s photograph paying homage to the victims of COVID, in which he appears Felipe VI himself with the Princess of Asturias.

The king reminded all those families who “could not meet this evening because of sanitary measures”, and those houses in which “there is a void impossible to fill due to the death of loved ones” , to which he wanted to devote a reminder “with emotion and respect”. A memory that has spread to citizens who are currently fighting against the disease or its consequences.

“To all of you, above all, I send my greatest encouragement and affection,” the king remarked almost at the start of a speech in which he classified 2020 as “a very hard and difficult year”: “The virus has entered our lives causing suffering, sadness or fear, it has changed the way we live and work, and has seriously affected our economy, crippling or even destroying many businesses, ”he said recalled.

In this sense, Felipe VI sent a message of encouragement to families who experience “the anguish of not meeting basic needs and the sadness of having to abandon a business”.

For them, the monarch urged not to fall into “discouragement or mistrust” in the face of the “serious situation” that we must live: “We must face the future with determination and confidence in ourselves, in what we are capable of doing things together, with courage and hope, with confidence in our country and in our model of democratic coexistence ”.

“Neither the virus nor the economic crisis is going to break us,” Felipe VI repeated after commemorating the occasions when Spain has overcome adversity in recent decades.

In this sense, the monarch assured that defeating COVID-19 would come from science and research, although he called not to lower our guard: “New treatments against the virus and the development of vaccines that are in The March already offers us great hope. But in the meantime, we have a lot to do. “

“Individual responsibility remains essential and constitutes an effective instrument in the fight against the virus. That is why it is so important to remain vigilant and not to lower your guard,” he noted.

The king also wanted to give a special memory in these festivities to health workers for “their enormous effort, their extraordinary professionalism and their great humanity with the efforts”. A fight that of the sector which “they continue to face today with an emotional and physical burden on their shoulders”. For this reason, he asked them “to keep all the courage and strength” so that they continue to take care of our health.

The challenge aside from the health crisis, the monarch said, is the economic crisis and the risk that it could lead to a social crisis. “Each person matters a lot,” insisted Felipe VI, who made special mention to young people for their high unemployment rate: “They cannot be the losers in this situation. Our young people deserve to have the most appropriate training. , to develop professionally and to be able to carry out their projects. Spain cannot afford a lost generation, ”he said.

Thus, and with a speech focused on the need to mitigate the negative economic and social effects of an unprecedented health crisis, Felipe VI ended his speech by predicting a 2021 better than this 2020.

A path to a better year that will embrace, he said, “with everyone and for everyone”: “It will not be easy to overcome this situation, and in every house you know it well. But I’m sure we will move forward. With effort, union and solidarity, Spain will move forward. With everyone and for everyone. And, as King, I will be with everyone and for everyone, not only because it is my duty and my conviction, but also because it is my commitment to you all. with Spain “.

“We will regain normality as much as possible in the workplace, in classrooms, in squares and in neighborhoods; in shops, in markets, in bars; in cinemas, in theaters …; in the daily life that shapes the character of a company like ours. This is what we all want ”, he settled down before wishing happy holidays to the queen, princess Leonor and infanta Sofía.

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