Nepal coronavirus crisis update: Corona virus out of control in Nepal, if not a dangerous, even horrific situation India

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The situation in Nepal, a country neighboring India, which is battling the Corona virus, is getting extremely bad. Coronavirus cases have started to skyrocket in Nepal and now experts have warned that Corona in Nepal is spreading rapidly and is back in India. Can leave Kathmandu
The situation in Nepal, a country neighboring India, which suffers from the Corona virus, is becoming extremely bad. Corona virus cases in Nepal have skyrocketed. Now experts have warned that the corona virus tragedy is spreading very quickly in Nepal and Nepal could overtake India as well. The situation in Nepal is that the hospitals are full and the Prime Minister of the country, KP Sharma Oli, is pleading for the help of the world.

Currently, 20 cases of the corona virus are reported in a population of 1 lakh in Nepal. India experienced the same situation about two weeks ago. According to government data, 44% of positive tests for the corona virus occurred in Nepal over the past weekend. Netra Prasad Timasina, president of the Nepal Red Cross Society, issued a statement saying that what is happening now in India is the dreaded future of Nepal if we are not able to stop this wave of corona virus.
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Nepal could face more destruction than India
There is an atmosphere of fear in the country due to the rapid growth of corona virus cases in Nepal. Local people fear Nepal will face more devastation than India. In fact, Nepal has far fewer doctors in terms of population than in India and fewer people have the corona virus vaccine than the neighboring country. The cases of the corona virus arriving in the country very quickly suggest that Nepal is not in a position to investigate all cases.

Nepalese Ministry of Health spokesperson Dr Sameer Adhikari said: “The situation in Nepal is getting worse by the day. It could get out of hand in the future. From the capital Kathmandu in Nepal to Everest base camp, Corona has created a frenzy. A month ago 100 cases were reported in Nepal with a population of 3 crore and now it has grown to 8,600.

‘Corona virus rises in Nepal due to India’
Many people in Nepal have alleged that the corona virus is increasing in Nepal because of India because the borders of the two countries are open. The official claimed that many Indians had fled to Nepal for good health care. Let us tell you that for the third consecutive day of the second wave of the epidemic, Nepal recorded an upsurge of 19 cases and deaths from Kovid in one day.
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According to data released Wednesday by the Ministry of Health and Population, a total of 58 people have died and 8,659 people have been infected with the corona virus in the past 24 hours. It was the first time the country has reported more than 8,000 cases daily. Nepal reported more than 7,000 daily cases on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday’s figures increased the total number of cases and deaths to 359,610 and 3,475 respectively.

Worst case estimate of 11,000 infections in a single day
“Now, due to the rapid increase in cases, hospital pressure is increasing,” Ministry of Health spokesman Jageshwar Gautham said at a press meeting on Wednesday. According to the ministry, there has been an increase of more than 127 percent of cases this week compared to the previous week. “In Lumbini, one of the seven provinces, there has been a 384% increase in cases this week compared to last week,” said Archana Shrestha, associate professor in the Department of Public Health at Kathmandu University. . The Department of Health has estimated 11,000 worst-case infections in a single day.

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