Nepal Political crisis China Latest news: China launches ‘army’ to help Nepalese Prime Minister KP Oli, India’s eyes are on

The Chinese dragon, terrified by the masterpiece of Nepalese Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli, has landed his entire “army” to resolve the ongoing dispute within the ruling Nepalese Communist Party. Chinese Communist Party Vice Minister Guo Yezhu Taburtod, who arrived in Kathmandu on a chartered plane dressed in a PPE suit, is holding meetings. Guo has so far held meetings with President Bidyadevi Bhandari, Prime Minister Oli, his rival Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda. Meanwhile, India has also closely monitored China’s direct intervention in Nepal’s domestic politics.

According to the Nepalese newspaper Kathmandu Post, the Chinese vice minister met with the main leaders of the Nepalese Communist Party throughout the day on Monday. He is also due to meet with other leaders on Tuesday. The Chinese minister is doing his best to unite the two factions of the Nepalese Communist Party. Previously, on December 20, the Communist Party had clearly been torn apart by Prime Minister Oli’s decision to dissolve parliament. The Chinese minister was accompanied by a full “army” of officers. Besides the minister, 11 other Chinese officials arrived in Nepal to put pressure on the Oli government.

Political crisis in Nepal China: Nepalese prime minister dominates China through ‘friends’ with India, now Dragon faces great fear
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This is the same Nepalese Communist Party, for which China focused on peak Aidi in 2018. Not only that, Chinese Vice Minister Guo Yezhu, who was sent to Nepal, he played a very important role in the formation of the Communist Party of Nepal by merging the parties of Oli and Prachanda in 2018. According to sources, Chinese leaders are deeply concerned about the situation within the Communist Party of Nepal and want to know how this possible political instability will affect relations between Nepal and China in a context of geopolitical change.

Those closely watching Nepal say that the Chinese Communist Party, led by the Chinese president, wants Prime Minister Oli’s government to withdraw the order to dissolve parliament. In return, China wants to guarantee Oli to remain a PM for 5 years. Elections have been announced in Nepal on April 30 and May 10 and the Chinese delegation is trying to find out if the election is possible. All parties are opposed except Oli for holding midterm elections in the country. Sources say where Oli is no longer in the mood to succumb to Chinese intervention, Prachanda is apparently urging China to intervene in the current political crisis.
India closely monitors political situation in Nepal
Meanwhile, India has decided not to intervene, calling Nepal’s political crisis an internal issue. Even after that, India followed the growing Chinese interference closely. According to The Hindu’s report, India’s Ambassador to Nepal Vinay Quatra visited New Delhi after meeting Prime Minister Oli last week. After that, there was speculation that the Indian Ambassador came to Delhi with Prime Minister Oli’s message. Former diplomats say India, unlike China, has made the right move by not publicly addressing the issue.

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