nepal political crisis china latest news: Nepal Political crisis China: Prachanda is not ready to join forces with PM KP Oli, the Chinese “Chanakya” will fail in Nepal! – Nepal’s Pushpa Kamal Dahal is not ready to partner with Chinese Kp Minister Oli Guo Yezhou will fail

The efforts of Communist Party Deputy Minister Guo Yezhu, who calls himself “Chanakya” of China, who was visiting Kathmandu in a hurry to see Nepal go wrong, appear to be failing. The Chinese minister camping in Nepal and his “ army ” called on KP rival Sharma Oli, Pushpa Kamal Dahal, Madhav Kumar Nepal and Jhalanath Khanal to join the prime minister again, but the three leaders made it clear that ‘It was too late This has been done and an agreement is not possible.

According to the Nepalese newspaper Kathmandu Post, during the meeting with Oli, the Chinese side expressed its dissatisfaction with its decision to dissolve parliament. Oli told the Chinese side that he was not responsible for the crisis. Oli said he did not get the support of his Nepalese Communist Party, because of this he had to take this step under duress. The Chinese side then met Prachanda, Jhalanath Khanal and Madhav Kumar Nepal, leaders of the opposing camp of Oli.

Political crisis in Nepal China: China launches an “ army ” to keep Nepalese Prime Minister KP Oli, India in sight
Chanakya of China told the three leaders to join Oli again. On this, anti-Oli leaders said the situation has now reached a point that cannot be corrected. China also fears that the recent political crisis in Nepal may be in vain for Chinese President Xi Jinping’s dream of a “strategic partnership” between Kathmandu-Beijing. China is angry that Nepalese leaders promised it and is now backing down.

Nepalese leaders should handle dispute properly: China
The Chinese Foreign Ministry also on Monday called on the warring factions of the Communist Party of Nepal to properly handle their dispute and try for political stability. Asked whether Guo’s visit was aimed at political reconciliation between the two NCP factions, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said China had taken note of “the developments politics in Nepal ”.
Political crisis in Nepal: Why did Jinping send his special warlord to Nepal? China revealed
Zhao said, “ As a friend and close neighbor, we hope that all parties in Nepal take into account the national interest and the whole scenario and resolve the internal dispute appropriately and achieve political stability and national development. I will try. He said, “The CCP promotes the principle of party relations characterized by independence, absolute equality, mutual equality and non-interference.” On the other hand, the Nepalese Foreign Ministry declined to comment on China’s surrender. He says the Chinese minister came to Nepal without calling and has no information about them.

The Chinese “ Chanakya ” made unity in Prachanda-Oli in 2018
According to sources, China is extremely unhappy with the NCP split. Chinese Minister Guo is trying to iron out the differences between the two factions of the ruling party. Of these, one group is led by Oli while the other leads the group. Previously, Guo had traveled to Kathmandu in February 2018. He played an important role in the formation of the Nepalese Communist Party by merging between the parties of Oli and Prachanda. This time, a whole “army” of officers came with the Chinese minister. Besides the minister, 11 other Chinese officials arrived in Nepal to put pressure on the Oli government.

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