Nestl involves its youngest employees in its environmental strategy

Improving the environment is essential for maintaining the health of the planet. Nestl is committed to halving greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and achieving net zero emissions by 2050. To involve the youngest generation of company employees in its strategy sustainable development, the company has launched in Spain the initiative “Nestl Youth Sustainability Lab”, a laboratory of ideas in which a group of young people concerned and eager to innovate in the field of sustainable development can work together on a challenge common.

Through this program, Nestl wants to give the opportunity to the generations who will be in charge of the planet in the future, to be a transforming party, while integrating the talent, ideas and desire of this group in the development of sustainability in all areas. the company. In this way, young people up to the age of 30 are expected to become both internal and external ambassadors of Nestl’s initiatives in this area.

“Taking care of the environment is essential to preserve the planet, which is home to millions of species. At Nestl, we are committed to halving our emissions by 2030 and achieving zero net emissions by 2050. This environmental commitment, and many others, can only be a reality. if we all allow it, especially the youngest, who will be in charge of the planet in the future. For this reason, this initiative that we are developing, and in which we want to involve the youngest talents of our company, aims to give it a voice and a notoriety for a generation which has a lot to contribute in this regard ”, declared Jacques Reber, CEO of Nestl Spain.

A “laboratory” to improve the planet

“Nestl Youth Sustainability Lab” is part of an invitation to all employees of all ages of the company in Spain to make short and medium term proposals regarding sustainability and related to different areas of the company such as production, packaging, supply chain, marketing and communications, among others.

A jury made up of experts in sustainable development from Nestl Spain will be responsible for evaluating the proposals received and choosing the winner who, together with a group of young people up to 30 years old, will jointly develop this initiative through the “Talent Acceleration Tribes” . (TAT), a Nestl idea accelerator with which the company promotes different ways of working. Thus, this group of people works together on a common challenge for 3 months in order to present a project to be implemented by the company.

This initiative will also take place outside our country. In this way, the selected young Spaniards will also be able to share and work on their proposals at the international level.

In this way, Nestl continues its commitment to sustainable development and the reduction of its environmental impact, while involving the younger generations in its pro-planet strategy.

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