Nestl needs YOUth “, Nestlé’s commitment to VET

The Minister of Education and Vocational Training of the Government of Cantabria, Marina Lomb Gutirrez, and the director of the Nestl factory in La Penilla de Cayn, Alberto Lpez Caballero, have signed a new collaboration agreement to promote and promote the dual vocational training in autonomy. Community. Thanks to this agreement, Nestl’s central factory plans to welcome and train more than a hundred students from institutes in its area of ​​influence.

Thus, the young people will carry out training courses in the factory for six months with financial compensation in the form of a scholarship. In order for them to develop their skills and knowledge of the food industry to the maximum, Nestl will work with the teaching staff, even with training in its facilities, to fully adapt the student training program to the characteristics, techniques and systems used in the factory so that, at the end of their stay in the company, they have obtained key training for their future in the sector. “It is a source of pride to be able to renew this agreement and that, since 2013, FP Dual students have been practicing their training practices in our factory. This agreement faithfully reflects Nestl’s commitment to employment and training through its Global Youth Initiative: Nestl Needs YOUth program and our desire to provide opportunities, both professional and educational, to our young people ”, emphasizes Alberto Lpez Caballero, director of the Nestl factory in La Penilla de Cayn.

Bet on Dual FP for women

Since its inception, Nestl has been committed to equal opportunities for women and men within the organization, being also a staunch defender of respect for different cultures, traditions and non-discrimination based on nationality, religion, ethnicity, gender or age. A fact that also drives their training practices. In fact, 60% of the FP Dual students who passed through the Cantabrian factory in 2020 were women.

With this in mind, on March 29, the ninth promotion will begin with IES Lope de Vega (Santa Mara de Cayn), which will have 80% female students. In this center, the only dual vocational training center in the food industries of Cantabria, is taught the higher level training cycle of processes and quality in the food industry, which is the subject of dual vocational training, but also has the middle level training cycle. Preparation of food products which, when completed, allows access to the above mentioned degree.

“Global Youth Initiative: Nestl needs YOUTH”

Nestla welcomes Dual FP students in its Cantabria factory but also in its Pontecesures (Galicia) center and in its Asturian factories, among others, in accordance with its commitment to employment and training through “Global Youth Initiative: Nestl needs YOUth ”.

With this initiative, the Company wishes to offer opportunities, both professional and educational, to young people under 30 years of age. In 2020, more than 363 young people benefited from this initiative in Spain. Among them, 49 students followed Dual FP programs both in our factories and at our head office. In addition, Nestlor has organized digital training courses to enable apprentices to complete their course. In total, there are already more than 3,360 young people who have had their first professional experience or who have followed a training course at Nestl Spain since 2014.

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