Netanyahu could roll the dice in Israel in the next 12 days

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Amid the ongoing political turmoil in Israel, a coalition of eight opposition parties has announced the formation of a government. This coalition claims to have the support of the 61 deputies needed to form the government. Despite the opposition announcement, current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has so far failed to form the government, has refused to give up. He appealed to save the country from left-wing parties while playing his favorite bet of fanatic nationalism against the opposition.

Was this the start of Netanyahu’s downfall?
If political experts are to be believed, this is the start of the political fall of Netanyahu, who has been in power with Israel for 12 years. However, there are many others who believe that there could be a conflict of ideologies within the coalition of Israeli opposition parties. In such a situation, questions also arise about the future of this alliance. Netanyahu tweeted, targeting the opposition, calling it a dangerous leftist government. Not only that, Netanyahu also called on all of the country’s right-wing leaders to protest.

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Netanyahu accuses opposition of being leftist
Benjamin Netanyahu accused Naftali Bennett, who was sworn in as the next prime minister, and Yair Lepid, the leader of the coalition, of selling their respective parties to a leftist and Islamic-oriented United List party . Benjamin Netanyahu, 71, still has 11 days to keep his government afloat. For that, Netanyahu will have to persuade some opposition lawmakers to defect. If they are successful, there will be no threat to their government.

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Will elections be held in Israel for the fifth time in 2 years?
However, even after Netanyahu’s government is formed, the danger of it falling into a minority will remain. In Israel’s electoral history, from independence to the present day, no party has won a majority. Not only that, in the past two years there have been four general elections in Israel. If this time also the party or the opposition does not succeed in forming the government, then elections can be held in this country for the fifth time in two years.

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There is little hope that the opposition government will continue.
Eight opposition parties in Israel have formed a coalition against Netanyahu. The survival of his government is also seen as questionable. In fact, the ideology of all these parties is completely opposite. Some parties are fiery nationalists and others are Islamic. Some parties are centrist taking them both together. It will not be easy to reach consensus on a single issue in such a confrontational alliance. Opposition alliances include the right-wing Yamina party, the centrist Yes Atid party and the Ram party representing Muslims.

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