netanyahu pushed pm modi pegasus spyware: from india to arabia, where netanyahu’s footsteps started pegasus spyware

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The revelations of Israeli spyware Pegasus have caused panic around the world, 50,000 phones have been targeted in international espionage, many leaders among whom the government of former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was raising the promotion of the sale of Pegasus Tel Aviv
The revelations about Israeli spyware Pegasus have caused panic around the world. 50,000 phones have been targeted in international espionage. These include more than 600 senior executives and hundreds of journalists. This includes Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, key leaders of France and many other countries. The latest disclosure in this case revealed that the government of former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was promoting Pegasas, the spyware of the NSO group. Not only that, the racketeering of this spy software has spread to countries where Netanyahu has traveled, including India.

According to the Israeli newspaper Hareitz, the Netanyahu government used to insist that foreign governments take the Pegasus software. Not only that, where the NCO used to hesitate, the Netanyahu government itself was taking over. The newspaper cited multiple sources as saying that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu used to strongly support his cyber weapons, especially the NSO group, on his overseas tours.

Representatives of the NSO group accompanied Netanyahu
Representatives of the NSO group were also secretly traveling to countries where Netanyahu was secretly visiting. This deadly “cyber-weapon” was handed over to Saudi Arabia at Netanyahu’s request. “Israel believed in 2017 that Saudi Arabia was its strategic target for the commercialization of spyware,” an official told the newspaper. Israel would have believed that Saudi Arabia was a moderate force in the Arab world and would have stoked tensions with its regional adversary, Iran. Israel also has tensions with Iran.

The source said: “The Defense Ministry was also involved in this project. The aim was to prepare Saudi Arabia to take our technology. He said that is the reason why Pegasus’ NSO group and Celebrite group got such a huge contract from Saudi Arabia. Celebrite is a cybersecurity hardware maker known for breaking into the security infrastructure of phones to extract information. The group is said to have received a huge contract from the Saudi police.

Pegasus started after Netanyahu’s visit to India
Another official said Israel wanted to normalize its relations with Saudi Arabia and other wealthy Gulf countries by equipping them with such weapons. Israel has shown Saudi authorities that a new iPhone can be hacked through Pegasus without doing anything. Saudi Arabia has reportedly signed an agreement to pay $ 50 million annually to purchase the software from NSO. Not only that, Netanyahu also pressured cybersecurity companies to export their technology. The report states that the use of the Pegasus software started here after Netanyahu’s visit to India.

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