Netmentora Madrid celebrates its fifth anniversary with nearly 200 additional employees

Netmentora Madrid celebrates its fifth anniversary by celebrating that it has contributed to the creation of more than 180 new jobs thanks to the free support it has given to 46 entrepreneurs and 30 companies, which together have achieved a turnover of over 7.5 million during those years.

Created in the Spanish capital in 2016, this association for free support for entrepreneurs is part of the Rseau Entreprendre Federation, an international reference network in support of business creation and the employment of entrepreneurs which has 14,500 entrepreneurs in 67 associations in 10 countries). To date, it has studied 206 projects and organized 32 acceptance committees, which are the selection bodies for projects.

Netmentora Madrid’s 100 business leaders, driven by a social interest that goes beyond their own businesses, devote their solid business experience and part of their money and time to supporting other entrepreneurs. Indeed, during these five years, they devoted nearly 5,000 hours of work both to the study and selection of projects, as well as to supporting entrepreneurs in the preparation of their application before the acceptance committee. Also to their mentoring once they have been rewarded with the accompaniment of Netmentora Madrid for at least two years.

And it is that, after being selected to enter Netmentora Madrid, the entrepreneurs have a triple support: first, the individual and the expert, in charge of one of the 100 entrepreneurs who are part of the network. To this must be added the collective, since whoever is selected becomes a member of the Award Winners Club, in which they collaborate with each other and receive the support of partners and experts in different fields. And finally, financial support, where, thanks to a collaboration agreement with Banco Santander, you can benefit from a loan of up to € 30,000. During this five-year period, a total of 23 loans worth € 690,000 were granted.

“We have no shortage of reasons to celebrate the good work done. The results of these five years are very positive. Thanks to the commitment, altruism and solidarity of the 100 business leaders who support us every day, more than 180 people have a job, ”says Javier de la Morena, president of Netmentora Madrid.

By 2025, the main objectives of this network, in which more than 30 public and private entities also collaborate, are the creation of 500 new jobs and the selection of 80 new entrepreneurs, who will also support them from the start to help them optimize their management. business. , as well as to consolidate their respective companies for at least two more years.

Having this network of entrepreneurs and managers with solid business experience, and with the support method of Rseau Entreprendre, allows the business survival rate of the entrepreneurs they support to exceed 90% after 5 years.

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