Never-before-seen footage of La Rambla attack shows brutality of massive outrage

Publication: Wednesday, November 18, 2020 3:46 PM

New and terrible footage shows what the attack on La Rambla in Barcelona looked like on August 17, 2019. It was first shown in public on Wednesday, during the trial before the National Court.

The recordings – which accompany these lines and whose harshness we warn about – were captured that day by security cameras located where the terrorists’ van was passing and show the brutality of the massive outrage.

The city guard cameras recorded how the van driven by Younes Abouyaaqoub – who was later killed by the Mossos – rushed into La Rambla, then zigzagged to crush as many people as possible.

Given the general confusion, we see in the recording of the cameras of some residents how some passers-by take refuge in the kiosks of La Rambla.

The cameras also captured an even more explicit scene which, due to its harshness, laSexta decided not to broadcast. It happened just before a man approached the van and the terrorist fled, as you can see in the video next to these lines.

An eyewitness recalled this Wednesday this moment before the National Court, where he recounted how the terrorist “stands and watches the scene with a face of satisfaction or excitement”.

The cameras also recorded the entry of the terrorist into the Boqueria market, how he walks through it with his hands in his pockets and comes out the other side.

Then different videos collect footage of the whole trip the terrorist made through Barcelona, ​​running in some sections and walking in others, until he steals a Ford Focus with the driver inside, which he would later leave abandoned at Subirats with the owner stabbed. inside the vehicle.

From there, the video shows several sightings of the terrorist in the following days, until he was killed four days after the attacks.

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