New advisory board in Ayming to promote business innovation in Spain

Ayming, an international consulting firm specializing in improving the performance of organizations present in 15 countries, announces the composition of its new Advisory Board in Spain. The body will be made up of three personalities and references in the field of innovation, digital transformation and research, with the objective of advancing in advising companies in terms of R & D & I and transformation in other fields. keys, such as digitization and circularity.

Francisco Marn, recently named National Award for Innovative Career 2020, will be the chairman of the Advisory Board, which will also include Carmen Vela, biochemist, businesswoman and former Secretary of State for Research, Development and Innovation, and Esther Valdivia, global entrepreneur. .de Journalism, specialist in digital transformation and good corporate governance. From their position, they will be responsible for advising the company in its engagement in the field of commercial research, digital transformation and R + D + i, thanks to their vast professional experience in the field in different public entities and private.

For Carlos Artal, Managing Director of Ayming in Spain, “ it is time to improve the competitiveness of companies and institutions, to configure a real ecosystem of innovation that will become the great engine of growth of the Spanish economy in the years to come. . The great professionals on our new Advisory Board provide us with the experience and knowledge to provide the organizations we work with the best and most effective solutions. ”

Francisco Marn has devoted his entire life to innovation in public and private organizations. In 2015, he occupied the general management of the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI), the Spanish Innovation Agency of the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness in charge of financing innovation of Spanish companies and its internationalization. Currently, he combines the presidency of the Advisory Council with the vice-presidency of the R & D & I Commission of the CEOE.

Carmen Vela has nearly 40 years of experience in immunology, virology and related fields, both in public and private institutions. In 2012, she was appointed Secretary of State for Research, Development and Innovation and Chair of the Board of Directors of Centro Nacional de Supercomputacin-Barcelona Supercomputing Center and Sincrotrn Alba.

Esther Valdivia is CEO of Professional Publications, a group that publishes media such as Announcements, Marketing News or Ms. Mujeres a Follow, and specializes in digital transformation and good corporate governance. She is vice-president of the WomenCEO association and has carried out various editorial projects, leading the creation of new information concepts in the Spanish market, both on paper and digitally. Valdivia is a member of the board of directors of the Spanish Academy of Advertising and the Spanish Marketing Association, where he was a member of the jury for the National Marketing Awards.

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