New book reveals how US intelligence agency CIA found Osama Bin Laden due to clothes drying in secret compound in Pakistan

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Revealed in the new book on Osama bin Laden, the CIA had built its base in Abbottabad itself, Laden’s address was held by dry clothes in the courtyard of Islamabad
Osama bin Laden, the mastermind of the September 11 terrorist attacks, was killed by US forces at his home in May 2011. Bin Laden’s intelligence house was present in the Abbottabad region of Pakistan. At that time, Barack Obama was the President of the United States. According to a new book, The Ride and Fall of Osama Bin Laden, the number of clothes drying in the yard of Bin Laden’s house helped the CIA identify and kill him. The book is written by CNN national security analyst and former CNN producer Peter Bergen.

The bodyguard was asked to build an intelligence house
Bin Laden’s three wives and family were torn apart after the September 11 terrorist attacks in America. Bin Laden himself was hiding in the mountains of Afghanistan and northern Pakistan. It is said that he had sworn to reunite his family again. Bin Laden asked his bodyguard Ibrahim Saeed Ahmed Abd al-Hamid to buy land and build an intelligence house in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

started living in 2005
At Bin Laden’s request, a three-story house was completed in Abbottabad, with four bedrooms each on the first and second floors and each with a bathroom. On the top floor there was a bedroom, a bathroom, an office and a terrace for Bin Laden’s personal use. Family members are said to have started moving into this house in 2005 and since then they have all started living in the same house.

CIA reaches bin Laden’s house
The bodyguard and his family members came to this house every day and lived in another house built on site. Strict security rules were observed in the house, and bodyguards were not allowed to mingle with anyone. One day in 2010, a CIA informant allegedly saw bodyguard Ibrahim in a crowd in Peshawar. According to the book, after his car in August, the CIA finally reached Bin Laden’s intelligence house, where Bin Laden’s three wives, eight children and four grandchildren lived.

The lair was built around the house
There were many things in this house that made the CIA suspicious, including the lack of a phone line or internet and the presence of a few windows in the house. To keep an eye on the occupants of Bin Laden’s house, the CIA has built its base around this house. Meanwhile, the clothes dried in the courtyard of this house reinforced the suspicions of the US intelligence agency.

Suspicion confirmed by the count of dry clothes
The CIA observed that every morning the courtyard of the house was filled with women’s clothing, traditional Pakistani clothing for men, children’s diapers and many other clothing that would have housed many more people than the 11 members suggested. of the bodyguard’s family. Officers estimated that there was one adult male, several adult females and at least nine children in the household. The then US President, Barack Obama, was presented with evidence by the CIA and ordered to carry out the “murder.” A US military operation against the global terrorist was finally launched in May 2011, after which Washington announced the death of Osama bin Laden.

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