new card game: 23 year old girl made such card cards, king, queen and missing slave – girl is developing a genderless card game without king, queen or jack

The cards are identified as kings, queens and slaves. However, placing men at the top of this streak is a low-key way to underestimate women. That is to say that Indy Melink, 23, graduated in forensic psychology. When Indy was inspired by his father, he changed the deck of cards.

They created such a package in which there are no kings, queens and slaves. In this way, he gave a new opportunity to play his favorite game without showing more or less to anyone.

Small effect
Indy said in an interview: ‘If we think the king is more important than the queen, it doesn’t affect people’s lives knowing that it gives the message that someone is less important. These little things can have a big impact. After a lot of effort, he put together a deck that doesn’t have a king and queen.

There is a lot of demand for new rice fields
Gold, silver and bronze were used in their place. Gold bricks, silver coins and a bronze shield are topped. People around him bought 50 pits and then started selling online. In a few months, she sold 1,500 carts in Belgium, Germany, France and the United States. Traders are also interested in it.

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