New coronavirus CCoV HuPn 2018 appears to have passed from dogs to humans in Malaysia: new corona virus discovered in Malaysia, infection of dogs by humans

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Malaysian scientists have detected a new corona virus. This new corona virus is believed to have originated in dogs, if confirmed it will be the eighth virus from animals to humans.
Malaysian scientists have detected a new corona virus. It is believed to originate from dogs with the corona virus and some people picked up on it many years ago. Scientists say if confirmed, it will be the eighth virus from animals to humans. In addition, it will be the first dog virus that is said to be man’s best friend.

The arrival of the corona virus in humans has been revealed at a time when the corona epidemic has wreaked havoc across the world. Researchers are wondering if there are other viruses present and we have yet to be able to detect them. Dr Gregory Gray, an epidemiologist who has worked on viruses for 20 years, told one of his students a powerful testing tool beyond the current investigation of the corona virus.
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Symptoms like pneumonia seen in 2017 and 2018
Gregory and his students worked together to create a tool that could search for evidence of other corona viruses. With the help of this tool, when several samples were examined over the past year, a possible link to dogs was revealed. These samples were from patients at a hospital in Sarvek, Malaysia. These people were seen with pneumonia-like symptoms in the years 2017 and 2018.

Most of these patients are children. Using the new tool, Gregory’s team had 8 out of 301 samples infected with the dog corona virus. Gregory said it was a very large amount of the corona virus inside the patients. He said this result is very remarkable. The team referred to renowned virologist Anastasia Vlasova from Ohio State University in the United States to confirm their results.
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“ Most Corona Viruses in the Dog Genome ”
Anastasia said the ingestion of the corona virus by dogs had never been considered before. Never before has a case like this surfaced. However, when Anastasia investigated the genome of the corona virus, he must have agreed with the research of Gregory’s team. He said most of the genome was the dog’s corona virus. Gregory said all dog corona virus patients have been cured in Malaysia and no cases of human-to-human infection have been reported. This way, there is no risk of an outbreak of the corona virus in the dog.

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