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Dragon Quest X Game News: New Expansion And Offline Version Announced Posted on May 27th, 2021 at 11:41 am Yesterday, Thursday, May 27th, an international live event celebrated the 35th anniversary of the Dragon Quest license with the presentation of new ongoing projects. Including version 6 and offline of Dragon Quest X, a component that is still reserved in Japan. The MMO Dragon Quest X, which is not yet available in the west, will soon receive a sixth expansion, which is planned for the autumn period on Japanese soil. Remember that the game, released in 2012, has the ability to play six different races: humans, ogres, elves, dwarves, pukuripos and wedis, spread across the five continents of the new world of Astortia. Accessible completely autonomously, Dragon Quest X Offline is entitled to new graphics that focus on pixel art and aim for a style that is “as nostalgic as it is charming”. More new features are to be expected, but will be announced later, according to game designer Yûji Horii. The release planned for 2022 seems to be reserved for Japanese territory again. The platforms have not been specified at the moment. Among the other announcements of the evening a reveal for Dragon Quest XII: The Flames of Fate, an HD 2D remake for Dragon Quest III and the spin-offs Dragon Quest KechiKechi and Dragon Quest Treasures. From Tiraxa, writing from MP

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