new finance minister of pak hammad azhar: imran khan dismissed abdul hafeez sheikh and appointed hammad azhar new finance minister of pakistan – imran khan removed from office the minister of finance sheikh and made hammad azhar the new finance minister of Pakistan

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Imran Khan removed the Minister of Finance, Dr Abdul Hafeez Sheikh, from his post as Minister of Industry and Production, Hammad Azhar was appointed new Minister of Finance, Azhar, the third minister who occupied the ministry of Finances since the coming to power of Imran Khan in Islamabad.
Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has dismissed Finance Minister Abdul Hafeez Sheikh from his post. In his place, Minister of Industry and Production Hammad Azhar has been appointed the new Minister of Finance. Pakistan’s information minister gave the information on Monday.

A news channel quoted the Minister of Information and Broadcasting, Shibli Faraj, as saying that Prime Minister Khan had decided to bring in a new finance team in the face of rising inflation. Let us tell you that Azhar will be the third minister to occupy the finance ministry since Imran Khan took office in 2018.

Faraj said information regarding several other changes may also be released on Tuesday. Azhar tweeted: ‘The Prime Minister has given me an additional charge from the Ministry of Finance. There was uncertainty about Sheikh’s political future following his loss to Yusuf Raza Gilani in the recent senatorial elections. Sheikh was appointed finance minister last year. However, he was not a Member of Parliament.

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