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Game News E3 2021: New Fire Emblem, Metroid 2D, Are Nintendo’s Leaks Credible? Posted on 05/30/2021 at 11:40 am, updated on 05/30/2021 at 11:36 am E3 will take place this year! After a 2020 edition was canceled due to the health crisis, the great mass of video games are fully online again. Many players in the industry will take part in this edition, which will take place from June 12th to 15th. As always, many leaks come from all over the place and a number of leaks have caught our attention. A Restera user by the pseudonym Zippo put together a list of announcements that would take place during a Nintendo Direct broadcast during this year’s E3. We therefore try to separate the true from the false and estimate the likelihood of the adverts mentioned. The Zippo leak has gained credibility in recent years thanks to various leaks that have been proven to be true. However, we prefer to lower your expectations and ask you not to get carried away before official Nintendo announcements. We’ll address each of these potential leaks in the order they appear in Zippo’s blog post.

A new 2D Metroid

According to Zippo, a new 2D Metroid from Mercurysteam has already been completed. The Madrid studio had already distinguished itself by delivering the two Castlevania Lords of Shadows and Metroid Samus Returns on 3DS. Porting this sequence to the switch cannot be ruled out. That wouldn’t be a bad thing as its release has been obscured by the recent release of the Nintendo Hybrid. According to Zippo, the Nintendo teams would be very satisfied with the result. This rumor should be treated with caution, but the elements at our disposal are consistent. Mercurysteam hasn’t announced or produced anything new since 2017. Some of the 160 people that make up the studio are devoted to overseeing Spacelords, its multiplayer action game, while a game published by 505 Games is now in the pipeline. At the end of 2020, Nordisk Games acquired 40% of the company. But between 2017 and 2021 Mercurysteam was only officially at work on Spacelords. The title’s poor success does not guarantee financial health for a studio of this size, there is a good chance that the last four years have been dedicated to a title that has been kept secret. In addition, a perfectly normal four-year cycle for game development. In short, with no guarantee, this potential announcement is plausible.

Forty year old Donkey and the sequel to Super Mario Odyssey?

Donkey celebrates its 40th birthday on July 9th. Will one of the company’s oldest characters benefit from an ad for the occasion? Zippo ensures that a new 2D episode is developed by EPD Tokyo, the team behind Super Mario Odyssey. This new work would not be subtitled Country. Retro Studios held the license for ten years, but now they’re very busy with Metroid Prime 4. The EPD Tokyo team, or Production Group 8, actually posted job offers for a “2D action game”. The team recently released their final version of Super Mario 3D World, but haven’t delivered or formalized major titles that require a long development phase since 2017. Their appetite for platform games makes this track believable. Zippo also talks about the sequel to Super Mario Odyssey, which is reportedly also in development at EPD Tokyo. If the size of the team doesn’t preclude the hypothesis of concurrent development, it’s still hard to believe that Nintendo wouldn’t dedicate a full team to the next big episode of our favorite mustache in order to expedite the development of a guaranteed hit.

An expected remake for Fire Emblem?

Fire Emblem has grown in popularity a lot in 10 years. After the success of Awakening, 3 titles followed in 7 years. This particularly hectic pace of release was made possible in particular by the fact that these games are primarily based on their system. Once the engine and rules are defined, most of the work is done. Fire Emblem Fates and Echoes, for example, are based on the backbone of Awakening. Zippo claims that in parallel with the development of Three Houses, Intelligent Systems is working on a title that is now almost finished. Some rumors suggest that this title would be a remake of the episode Super Famicom: Genealogy of the Holy War, and like Metroid, this announcement is plausible. The aura of Fire Emblem is growing and production times are shorter than you think. In addition, the help from Koei Tecmo in the development of Three Houses could very well have enabled Intelligent Systems to relocate some of the 170 employees. Again, nothing is guaranteed, but this possible leak is believable.

A Super Mario Party and “99”

It’s hard to believe too much the announcement of Super Mario Party 2 on Switch. While it is very likely that this title will exist by that name or not, this potential announcement is based solely on the sales of the previous episode. Super Mario Party, which just hosted an update to activate the online game, has sold nearly 15 million copies. Excellent performance that will likely make the license come back in a similar form but not that an announcement is imminent. If we can be surprised, there is no guarantee that it will. Especially since Nd Cube until recently, the developers of Super Mario Party have been busy with 51 worldwide games. In short, if the existence of a next episode of Super Mario Party is more or less guaranteed, there is nothing to suggest that its announcement will be made in the coming days. To conclude, Zippo announces that new games will be released with the stamp “99” would. This would not be surprising given the proliferation of experiments with BR codes. Tetris 99, Pacman 99, Super Mario 35 … This formula manages to unite the players and offers Nintendo Switch Online an additional argument, the price of which is difficult to justify today. Similar to Super Mario Party, there is no hint of an upcoming announcement and no license is mentioned. While this leaker has been right in the past, it doesn’t mean we have to take their information at face value. And when certain facts go in the direction of these statements, it cannot be said with certainty that these leaks are true. Patience is the mother of security, we will be fixed soon. By Aubin_Gregoire, journalist MP

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