New government ministers promise their posts to King Felipe VI


Posted: Monday July 12 2021 09:38

The new government opens. This Monday, at the Palacio de la Zarzuela, the inauguration of up to 12 new executive positions took place. Gone are the names as important in the team of Sánchez as José Luis Ábalos or Carmen Calvo, and various new faces are presented, such as Pilar Llop (new Minister of Justice) or Raquel Sánchez (Transport).

Precisely, Llop was the first to promise her post, because, as protocol requires, being at the head of Justice, she took the place of Notary Mayor of the Kingdom. In this sense, the promise of the three vice-presidents has also materialized: Nadia Calviño, Yolanda Díaz and Teresa Ribera.

The new members of the Executive have pledged their posts, as usual in renovations in recent months, with the mask as a companion. Thus, in front of a facsimile of the Constitution, published by the Cortes Generales in 1980, they planted themselves before Title IV, precisely Article 100, which establishes that “the members of the Government will be appointed and separated by the King on proposal of its President “.

This is why the monarch also made an appearance, which was also accompanied by the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, the Secretary General of the House of His Majesty the King, Domingo Martínez Palomo, and the Head of the Military Hall of the House of His Majesty the King, Emilio Juan Gracia.

With this act, one of the most sudden renovations in recent times came to fruition. Although on March 31 there was another modification – in the introduction of Nadia Calviño and Díaz in the vice-presidency and Belarra in the portfolio of social rights – now the executive tribunal has a different aspect: there is a plus great commitment to being “feminist” (63% of ministries are occupied by women), new policies more related to the PSOE and more young people are entering, and a more municipal character is appreciated, with the inclusion of up to three mayors .

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