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The next part of Bioshock is eagerly awaited, the last episode of the dystopian series was released more than 8 years ago. Cloud Chamber, who recovered the baby, knows and gives out a few clues here and there to give the players something to grind. There is definitely a lot of information to be guessed through the vacancies, especially when we talk about the new work of the Bioshock franchise. In fact, last month we assumed the game would be in the open world. Why ? A job advertisement published by Cloud Chamber stated that the studio was looking for a lead author “who can tell powerful, character-oriented stories in an open world”. It is rebelote that we pointed out a new vacancy since yesterday: Cloud Chamber is looking for a senior gameplay programmer with very specific skills.

Bioshock on Unreal Engine 5

Looking at this offering, we find that the studio is actually looking for someone who is able to “work with Unreal Engine 5 by adapting existing systems and developing new technologies to meet the technical requirements and creative goals of the Project. “The new generation of engines straight from the Epic Games kitchen has also been available in Early Access for a few days. One way to allow developers to get their hands on this revolutionary engine thanks to its advanced graphics, Lumen technology or the One File Per Actor system that allows them to create much faster open world games … Hey, the loop is complete! read: From meakaya, writing from MP

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