New job prospects stimulate interest in alternative training

At a time when the development of new skills to face the employment landscape is more important than ever due to the Covid19 crisis, Esden Business School and StudentFinance have signed a collaboration agreement to make education accessible to all. world by launching a fundraising program based on a revenue sharing agreement. It is a new model in Spain but very common in countries like the United States.

There are many reasons why people turn to training schools to continue developing professionally. Many workers have lost their jobs temporarily or permanently or, temporarily, have their working hours reduced and want to take advantage of this time to acquire new knowledge which improves their professional possibilities. In this sense, according to the data recorded by Esden, since the outbreak of the pandemic there has been an increase in demand for digital programs, essentially the Master in Digital Transformation and the Master in Digital Business, which adds to the User interest in the other MBA and Masters programs offered by the school.

However, sometimes the economic factor can be a handicap for many and even more so in times of crisis in which we find ourselves immersed. For this reason, schools like Esden Business School choose to offer users the financial benefits of StudentFinance, on the basis of an Income Sharing Agreement (ISA), which offers the student the option of paying for their studies a once they have found a job and provided that their salary is above the minimum income threshold, (approximately 1,333 euros gross per month), with 12% of their fixed income until the achievement of the master’s total value . The specific conditions of each agreement will only vary depending on the program chosen.

Thanks to this alliance, students who meet the requirements will be able to access top-quality training, specializing in different areas related to the management of companies, people and services, and a network of more than 700 collaborating companies that facilitate their development and access to employment.

From the Esden Business School, they assure that “in a social moment when training is becoming more important than ever, there are many people who are committed to continuing their studies and facing the new work scene even more. prepared. We want to bet on future talents who, sometimes, are handicapped by economic circumstances. For this reason and in order to make our Masters accessible to certain groups, we collaborate with StudentFinance to bring education closer to the world “.

For its part, the fintech StudentFinance affirms, in the words of its CEO Mariano Kostelec, that the key to the success of its economic model lies in the fact that “unlike loans, our payment system is flexible and affordable, since the monthly payments are “They will be based on the income obtained. In this way we open up a wide range of possibilities for the user to train in the areas most in demand today on the market and to ensure a qualitative leap in the career of people”.

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