New jobs for 2021 in the iGaming industry

In such a changing world, new jobs are continually emerging, and more and more digital and Internet-related content. One of the most active industries in Spain thanks to its passage in the online world, is iGaming, that is to say online entertainment with casino games: bingo, poker, roulettes, blackjack, slot machines …

In addition, there are plenty of jobs not only for Spanish speakers, but for all countries where online casino gambling is regulated.

Current situation and working online

With the current situation, there are some very affected sectors, and many others, mostly online, which have experienced an increase in activity and therefore marked an increase in job creation.

This is the case with gambling in Spain. More and more, digital is winning over face to face, and in the case of casinos even more, why? Because online casino platforms offer more possibilities as games. In addition, we can have fun with apps and versions for smartphones wherever we are, just by having an internet connection.

Working in an online business is fun, but you have to be on the Internet wheel, that is, be aware of a lot of things and above all be aware of how this world is changing.

Employment opportunities

There are many job opportunities in this iGaming industry. In addition, salaries are generally medium-high. Of course, it is a sector that takes care of its workers and values ​​them, thanks to the value they create in companies, whether they are operators, game providers, regulators, affiliates …

The most common jobs are content creators, designers, and IT people. In addition, there are also specialized departments for sales, digital marketing or products.

Writers and designers (freelance)

Copywriters and designers are a vital part of this online industry. They can develop their business or work in 3 different ways:

Be part of companies in person and work in their own offices. Being part of companies but working with a computer from a place with an Internet connection: home, coworking … Freelance: Not part of any company but doing specific work for them when they ask for it.

Online game portals

Do you know of a website with useful, current, and relevant information for players about online casino games?

There are few portals that present honest and important information in a transparent way. Our recommendation is A guide dedicated to users looking for casino communities, promotions and reviews on operators, game categories, slots and much more!

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