New markets in Latin America to continue the expansion of Sesame HR

Spaniard Sesame HR is stepping on the accelerator in its expansion plan for Latin America. Less than a year after making the leap to the continent, the Valencian startup has landed in two new markets, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic.

BY RRHHDigital, 02:15 – 07 August 2021

In addition to arriving in Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic, Sesame HR has redoubled its commitment to markets such as Chile and Mexico, where it is achieving strong penetration. In short, growth that responds to the firm commitment of technology to continue to expand its projects across the Atlantic, where more and more entities are opting for the digitalization of their personnel management and their processes in the area of ​​resources. human.

With the entry into these two countries, Sesame HR reaches around a hundred clients and strengthens its position in a region where the adoption of remote work and the digitization of work environments have become strong. According to a recent study by the International Labor Organization (ILO), more than 23 million people have switched to telework in Latin America, which means that between 20% and 30% of employees have adopted this working model against 3 % in 2019.

Thus, the company has succeeded in successfully integrating its specialized software for HR ” mainly in SMEs looking to digitize the management of their staff and companies that have adopted teleworking due to the pandemic situation, but now have chose to maintain hybrid work models that require adequate attendance control, as well as online management of many other processes that affect employees, ”says Albert Soriano, CEO of Sesame HR. Thus, a wide range of entities have already relied on Spanish technology, highlighting the agreements made with Arkeero, a multinational company specializing in digital marketing; Hotmart, the leading platform in Latin America for the sale of digital products; the global NGO Good Neighbors International, dedicated to promoting the integration of boys and girls in different communities, and the Mexican public university CESUN.

Regarding the most requested features of its software, Sesame HR highlights the demand for leave and absence management systems, attendance control, more practical and accessible employee portals, integration for new incorporations or updates. provision of online spaces for remote work. “ Being an HR suite gives us great versatility and capacity for development, and allows us to adapt to the dynamics of each country. Since the start of Sesame seven years ago, we have been developing a product with exceptional features linked to teleworking, digitization and the relocation of workstations. This allowed us to be prepared and installed to meet the demand for services that exploded following the pandemic, which revealed a series of new needs that have continued, such as the combination of face-to-face and remote work. . or the digitization of certain tasks related to people management and talent recruitment. This is the path that guides us, to always be one step ahead to meet the needs of our customers ”, concludes Soriano.

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