New Microsoft Edge begins testing on Xbox

The new Microsoft Edge is garnering all the positive reviews that its predecessor doesn’t. Microsoft’s browser kept its name but changed everything. A new engine shared with Google Chrome (Chromium), a new design, new functions and even a new logo make Edge a completely different product from what we know. Its next step is to land on Xbox and it could be a lot closer than we thought.

Edge Chromium will deliver enhanced browsing experience on Xbox

Thanks to Tom Warren, reporter at The Verge, we learned that Microsoft has already entered the testing phase of the new Edge on Xbox. Users with access to the latest version of Xbox Alpha Skip-Ahead can now try out the new Microsoft Edge on their Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S.

According to The Verge, while full keyboard and mouse support is still missing, the controller works fine. They also point out that, as you might expect, this first version is still somewhat unstable and has obvious bugs.

the latest version to skip Xbox Alpha includes the Chromium version of Microsoft Edge

– Tom Warren (@tomwarren) March 6, 2021

The presence of a browser like the new Edge on Xbox is great news for Microsoft console users. Being based on Chromium, its improved compatibility with certain websites like Discord or with certain services like Google Stadia will be a big point in favor.

This version of Microsoft Edge, how could it be otherwise, syncs perfectly with our phone and PC and has full extension support. Moreover, it has all the features that make this browser so special compared to its competition like collections, vertical tabs and PDF reader.

Support for the older version of Edge in Windows 10 ends on March 9, so we’ll have to say goodbye for good soon. The start of the Edge test phase on Xbox makes us think that its arrival is much closer than expected. Hope we have new news on this soon.

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