new parliament house India: Indian parliament building is only 92 years old, do we really need a new building worth Rs 971 crore? – Indian parliament is only 92 years old, do we really need a new building

The central government opened the Treasury for the construction of a new parliament building in India. The construction of the new Parliament, which is going to be built at a cost of around 971 crore, will be completed by 2022. If you compare with the world, the Indian Parliament is still new and has only been built since. 92 years old. Not only that, to build this new parliament building in the middle of the India Gate from Rashtrapati Bhavan, buildings constructed at the cost of several million rupees will also have to be demolished. There are parliamentary buildings around the world that were built hundreds of years ago and they are still at the center of the debates of policymakers across the country. Know that the construction of the Parliament was done in the big countries of the world …..

The Parliament of the Netherlands is the oldest in the world

The Binnenhof is considered the oldest in the world in the Parliament of the Netherlands, the Binnenhof. This building built in the city of The Hague was built in the 13th century. Work is still ongoing in this historic building of the Parliament of the Netherlands. In its two chambers, there are meetings of the Parliament. It is also the office of the Prime Minister of the country. It was originally created for the Earl of Holland (a title given to noble and influential people in European countries). Later in the year 1584, the building became the center of politics in the Netherlands. It is included in 100 heritage sites in the Netherlands.

The Italian parliament building was built in the 16th century

Like the Netherlands, the Italian Parliament is also very old. The Italian Parliament is called Palazzo Madama and is built in Rome, the capital of Italy. It was built in the 16th century. The construction of this parliament building was completed in 1505 and the Senate Chamber of the Republic of Italy has been meeting since 1871. Initially, the building was built for the Medici family. Later it was transformed into Parliament. Like the Indian Parliament, Italy also has a large number of MPs. The Senate of the Republic has a total of 315 elected members.

The French Parliament building was built in the 17th century

The Parliament of France, another European country, also meets in the 17th century Imrat. Its name is Palais du Luxembourg and it is located in Paris. The French building was built between 1615 and 1645 as the king’s building and since 1958 Parliament has met continuously here. Outside of France, there are two dozen parliamentary buildings which were built in the 19th century and they are still active. Most of them are located on the European and American continent.

US Parliament ‘Capitol’ turns 200

The construction of the Parliament House Capitol of America, one of the oldest democratic countries in the world, was completed in 1800 and is considered the oldest parliamentary building in North and South America. Like America, the British Parliament is also very old. The British House of Commons and House of Lords were formed in 1840 and 1870 respectively. Numerous parliamentary buildings were built around the world even in the 20th century. The Great Hall of the Chinese People was completed in 1959. It has a meeting of more than 2900 members of the National People’s Congress.

Indian Parliament is only 92 years old

The new Indian Parliament, built on the design of Edwin Lutyens, was completed in 1921. It cost Rs 83 crore at that time. The whole complex is built on an area of ​​2.4 hectares. At the same time, the new Indian Parliament building is being built at a cost of Rs 971 crore. It will be built on an area of ​​approximately 64,500 square meters. The Tata group will build it by 2022. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will do Bhoomipujan for this new building on December 10th. There will be four floors in this building. There will be a total of 120 office spaces inside. It will have 6 entries.

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