New Planet: New Possible Planet C1 in the Alpha Centauri star system: search for life by discovering a possible new planet

Scientists looking for life outside of Earth have found signs of a planet’s presence. Life on this planet the size between Varuna and Saturn may be possible. It turned out to be a reasonable distance from its star system. This planet is called C1. It is 4.4 light years from Earth in the Alpha Centauri star system. This star system includes Alpha Centauri A, B and Proxima Centauri. The radius of the potential planet C1 can be five to seven times greater than that of the Earth and its mass (20 to 50 times).

Lunar research

According to Kevin Wegner of the NASA Hubble Fellowship Program at the University of Arizona’s Steward Observatory, “If what we are seeing is in fact a planet, the discovery of the moon revolving around it would be very encouraging.” According to him, there may be a possibility of life on such a rocky moon. This discovery can be made using new mid-infrared exoplanet imaging systems. With this, the help of Chile’s Very Large Telescope was taken. However, the presence of this planet has not been confirmed. (ESO)

What will the planet prove?

According to Wegner, “We can only estimate the luminosity and possible position of the planet. If we assume that this planet is there, then its orbit, radius, and temperature range can be derived. The radius and the temperature determine its brightness. The orbit can also be estimated because the temperature is higher when there is a close orbit. Alpha Centauri commands attention because it is in an area where water can be in a liquid state. (ESO)

How to get clues …

The team observed Alpha Centauri for 100 hours per month in 2019 and took over 50 lakh photographs during that time. By removing the information already found from this data, it was found that C1 could be a planet the size between Varuna and Saturn. He will be observed again and his position will be examined. If that exactly matches the orbit estimate, it could be the planet. If it stays in its place, it will be studied in a different way.

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