New rapid antigen test can detect Covid 19 in saliva, say researchers: new rapid antigen test can detect Covid-19 in saliva, will get relief

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A major breakthrough appears to be in the direction of the detection of the corona virus. Japanese scientists have developed a way to test the corona virus from saline samples so that large-scale screening can be done accurately, at a simple and fast pace.
There appears to be a major breakthrough in the investigation of the corona virus. Scientists have shown that an antigen-based test to determine the amount of SARS Cove 2, the virus behind Kovid-19 in saliva samples, is simpler, more accurate, faster and more suitable for large-scale screening . If the corona exam is started with saliva samples, then it will be possible to test it easily and quickly.

A team of scientists from Hokkaido University in Japan developed a new antigen-based kit, developed by a Japanese company Fujirebio, in June 2020 to assess the efficiency and accuracy of the test compared to RT PCR using the Lumipel SARS Cove 2 AG kit (Lumipulase). Used.

There are many benefits to examining the crown with saliva
Their results suggest that antigen detection kits, which are used to perform chemiluminescent enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (CLEIA), can detect covids within 35 minutes and with good accuracy. The study was published in The Lancet Microb Journal. Scientists tested 2,056 individuals from three groups.

The advantage of using saliva samples is the ease of collection, it is quick and can be collected by those tested, which reduces the risk of health workers being exposed to the virus. As the virus can be transmitted from an infected person before symptoms appear, and can even be transmitted by asymptomatic individuals. The ability to quickly screen large numbers of people is important in controlling and preventing the spread of epidemics.

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