New restrictions, measures, vaccine and last minute

Incidence continues to skyrocket in Spain: it increased in all age groups every day in July

Spain records a general increase in hospitalizations for COVID-19. In Catalonia, they increased by 81% last week, from an average of 50 admissions per day in June to five times more.

There they fear that in 15 days the number of intensive care patients will double, only in the last hours, 25 people have been admitted. Faced with this situation, the country continues to struggle with the vaccination campaign. Among those in their thirties, half already have a dose (50.4%), but the delta variant only stops with a full schedule (18.9%).

AI is on the rise across all age groups every day this month. The elderly have quadrupled it, but their cases are not as serious anymore. Even so, there are behaviors like those seen these days in Seville and Cadiz, with large bottles and other types of mass concentrations, that don’t help. Because the battle is not over.

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