New service for employees, exempt from income tax

The Sodexo study also reveals that 48% of companies already include external training in their remuneration.

POR Entrepreneurship Club, 2:45 p.m. – June 23, 2021

Company workers will have access to a large catalog of courses. The service, called Formacin Pass, was launched by Sodexo Benefits and Incentives and is exempt from income tax. The tool enables workers to acquire better professional skills and consolidate their knowledge.

The idea came with the pandemic. The Covid-19 has accelerated the digitalization processes of companies and caused the need to increase employee training. Indeed, a Sodexo study on the challenges facing Spanish companies in the Covid-19 era shows that 58% of companies appreciate the introduction of online training. In addition, 52% of companies believe it is one of the benefits most requested by professionals.

The Sodexo study also reveals that 48% of companies already include external training in their remuneration. In addition, 23% of companies believe that this type of service should be included in an individualized compensation plan.

Thus, the training control works as follows. The worker can save up to 25% of the cost of the course. In addition, you can easily manage your courses on the Internet, so all you have to do is send the training check you received to the chosen training center.

The company will not have to carry out administrative procedures. It will be the employee who will have to choose the training he wants once the company has authorized it.

Among the advantages of this system is the empowerment of the talent of the workers. They will be the ones who will personalize their training plan according to their needs and interests.

Formacin Pass offers training benefits to employees. This tool acts as an intermediary between the payment. This saves companies the worry of having to pay for training costs.

On the other hand, the system devised by Sodexo Benefits and Incentives brings a technological advantage to companies. This is to alleviate the procedures to be carried out when registering for any course, such as the registration process or the payment itself, which is exempt from income tax.

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